194 & 196 King Street West

Hamilton, Ontario

A Landmark Opportunity

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194 & 196 King St. W, situated at the heart of downtown Hamilton

With the property nestled within the Downtown Hamilton Secondary Plan area, it’s earmarked as a beacon of progress on a Pedestrian Focus Street, highlighted for its Downtown Mixed Use with a High-Rise 2 designation. This classification not only underscores the site’s versatility but opens the door to towering possibilities, where developments up to 30 storeys could reshape the city’s horizon.

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Towering Possibilities

The zoning provisions in place pave the way for orderly and impactful development, with a clear path toward lifting holding conditions to maximize the property’s height and use. This framework ensures that your vision can be realized in a manner that harmonizes with the city’s aspirations for growth and community enrichment.

Prime Location

Situated beside the FirstOntario Centre, the property is at the epicenter of Hamilton’s cultural and entertainment district

High Foot Traffic

The proximity to a major entertainment venue and nightlife ensures a constant flow of people

Growing Economy

Hamilton's economy is on an huge upswing, with growth rates exceeding the provincial average.

Strategic Development Opportunity

The recent removal of high-rise construction bylaws in Hamilton opens the door for significant development projects.

Sustainable Growth

Invest in a location prioritizing sustainable urban development, aligning with future trends and demands for green living and working spaces.

Vibrant Community

The downtown area is a lively blend of dining, shopping, and cultural sites.


Excellent connectivity with public transport and major roads, making it easy for residents, employees, and customers to access the site.

Economic Incentive

Potential for economic incentives aimed at downtown revitalization and development projects, supporting investment and growth.

Imagine the impact of contributing to the Hamilton skyline with a development that could soar up to the skies, subject to satisfying the city’s visionary policies. This property offers a unique canvas for developers ready to blend architectural creativity with practical urban planning, ensuring that any project not only meets but exceeds the expectations of a modern urban landscape. The potential to significantly influence the city’s architectural narrative is within reach, with the promise of community benefits and enhancements that will leave a lasting legacy.

Shape hamilton's skyline

Heart of the City

Located right beside the iconic FirstOntario Centre in Hamilton’s bustling downtown, this neighbourhood is a vibrant hub of culture, entertainment, and leisure. Envision being steps away from a venue that hosts sports events, concerts and shows, always alive with activity. The surrounding district boasts an array of dining, shopping, and cultural attractions on James St. N and Hess Village. It’s not even close, this is the place where the pulse of the city is felt at its strongest beat, making it an ideal setting for those seeking a true Hamilton experience.

Direct Access

Direct from the Visionaries: GIJ CO. is not just another entity in the real estate market; we are the custodians of an opportunity that could redefine Hamilton’s skyline. With a strategic focus on direct transactions, we aim to collaborate closely with developers who share our vision for transformative and landmark development. GIJ CO invites you to be part of this rare journey to sculpt the future of downtown Hamilton, offering an exclusive info package upon request. Seize this direct line to pioneering urban development – because when visionaries unite, horizons expand.

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